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Awareness of Chronic Kidney Disease continues to see little or no improvement, year-over-year. Given the statistics, it is no surprise the number of patients that come crashing into the ER requiring dialysis. We provide a higher standard of care and educate patients on all of their options.

Kidney disease by the numbers

Americans have kidney disease
of the population are unaware they have kidney disease
patients start dialysis every year
of ESKD patients crash into dialysis
How we help

We provide higher quality, lower cost services that allow you and your patients to benefit from a value-driven approach.

Dialysis Provisioning

Our heritage gives us a unique perspective on inpatient and outpatient dialysis care. We have taken our knowledge and past experiences to hold ourselves to a higher standard when it comes to providing care for patients. We work with patients and their providers to identify a modality that suits their needs and lifestyle. We provide:

  • Home dialysis, both peritoneal dialysis and home hemodialysis
  • Inpatient dialysis consulting and delivery
  • In-center hemodialysis
  • Transitional start programs
  • Transplant referral consulting

Field-Based Nursing

Our team of nurses, social workers, community health workers, and dietitians are highly specialized in renal care delivery and prevention. They act as extensions of system staff to ensure patients don’t fall through the cracks and social barriers to care are removed. We provide:

  • Personalized renal care planning
  • CKD education and health coaching
  • Wrap around renal care coordination
  • In-home assessments and medication reconciliation
  • Transition of care management

Network Engagement

Given the complexity of the disease, there are a number of key stakeholders involved in a patient’s care.  Each needs to be performing at the top of their licensure to keep patients from admitting or readmitting to the hospital. We use data to give critical insight into network performance and develop protocols and measures to improve care provided. We offer:

  • Quality performance optimization
  • Network engagement strategies
  • Technology enabled patient engagement

RenalIQ™ Technology Deployment

Serving as the connective tissue between our model, our proprietary technology platform focuses on providing key stakeholders advanced prescriptive and descriptive analytics and intelligent care management workflow solutions to benchmark performance, enable continuous improvement, and drive improved outcomes.

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