More Lives,
Better Lived.

We’re creating a world where every patient with kidney disease gets precise and holistic care when and where they need it.

Revolutionizing kidney care.
One patient at a time.

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Connected care, locally delivered.

Somatus is helping more people live better
lives by providing individualized clinical, emotional, and social support.

Care when and where it’s needed

Education, support, and coaching delivered locally by our kidney health professionals and community connectors.

Deeper patient-provider connections

Data-driven insights that inform decision-making, enhance patient care, and improve outcomes.

Real-time visibility to drive real impact

Advanced analytics and clinical workflows housed in our proprietary platform to help deliver the right care, to the right person, at the right time.

A new way to experience dialysis

Deployment of in-home dialysis services and centers that deliver higher-quality care at a lower cost.

For Patients

Your health. Our help.

Somatus empowers you to manage your care and live the life you want. We work to understand what matters most to you, and will act as your coach, advocate, and advisor to get you the care and resources needed to manage your health.
“Carrie is more than my nurse. She’s my health partner. When I didn’t have transportation to get my medications, Carrie got them for me. When I need to see my nephrologist, Carrie gets me in. When I have a rough day, she inspires me to keep going.”

“Somatus taught me a lot and they talked to me like a human being. My nurse, Mary, helped me out because she cared about me. How to lower my A1C, eat the right food, and stay out of the hospital. I really appreciate that.”

“If I didn’t make changes, I was going to need dialysis. I didn’t know what to do. I got some mail from Somatus, and they called me. They wanted to help me, but I wasn’t so sure. They were patient and friendly and kept reaching out. I’m thankful they did.”

For Providers

Robust support. Better outcomes.

We have the team and technology to extend your practice’s reach, drive intelligent decision-making, and improve your value-based contract performance through better patient care and outcomes.

For Health Plans

Healthier members. Lower costs.

Through aligned partnerships, we provide whole-person care for members that significantly reduces costs, slows disease progression, and improves health outcomes.

Value-based kidney care that's easy to find.

We are on track to help more than 160,000 people across the U.S. manage their kidney health and live better in 2023.


Ready to revolutionize kidney care?

Use your talents, unique perspective, and innovative ideas to help us deliver more lives, better lived.

Experience better kidney care, customized for you.

Let Somatus help you live healthy and stay healthy.