Local, Personalized Kidney Care.

We’re passionate about changing the world of kidney care. Our value-based, patient-focused approach improves quality of life and reduces costs. 

Our Approach

An outcomes-based model that moves the needle on cost and quality.

We believe in an accountable and integrated option that is inclusive of all stakeholders, and we’ve built a system to get there.

Innovating kidney care with an integrated model.

We take care of the whole person by removing barriers that prevent proper care and helping create closer connections between patients, their doctors, and their kidney health.

Care when and where it’s needed

Education, support, and coaching — delivered locally by our kidney health professionals and community connectors.

Deeper patient-provider connections

Data-driven insights that inform decision-making, enhance patient care, and improve outcomes.

Real-time visibility, real-time impact

Advanced analytics and clinical workflows housed in our proprietary platform to help deliver the right care, to the right person, at the right time.

A new way to experience dialysis

Deployment of in-home dialysis services and centers that deliver higher-quality care at a lower cost.

Patient Stories

Real patients sharing real stories.

"I feel safer and taken care of with Somatus. This is a great help and I feel you are helping add time to my life. Thank you for everything."

"Thank you for all that you do to help me on my healthcare journey. It means everything to have so much help and to not feel so alone."

"The connection has been far above average for me. It helps to develop strategies with knowledgeable professionals and your follow up is amazing."


Powerful tech for meaningful results.

RenalIQ® breaks down silos and powers our model of care. It ingests billions of lines of data to create a complete picture of the patient and applies analytics to deliver insights that help care team members and providers get to patients most in need of care.

Kidney care, revolutionized.

Experience a new world of kidney care that focuses on outcomes instead of output.