Enjoy More Healthy Days at Home

You’re not alone when it comes to your kidney and heart health. Local, hands-on Somatus health support teams are here to help.

Healthcare is a Human Right.

Since forming in 2016, Somatus has been committed to delivering high-quality, whole-person care to individuals living with chronic kidney disease, end stage renal kidney disease, and other chronic conditions like heart and lung disease, diabetes, hypertension, and asthma. Our approach to care delivery ensures that everyone has the same opportunity to live the healthiest life possible — regardless of who they are, where they live, or their economic situation.

Bringing Equity to Healthcare

The U.S. healthcare system has long experienced bias and prejudice against race, ethnicity, culture and language preference, gender identity, and sexual orientation. Compounding these issues are disparities related to income, education, access to providers, geographic distance to care, and many other Social Determinants of Health. All of these factors can impact health equity, quality, and access to care.

Somatus operates as a force for change, working to bring equity to healthcare and breaking down barriers to create more healthy days for our patients.


Higher rate of nephrologist care for Hispanic Americans 


Higher rate of use of medications that delay kidney disease progression among African Americans 


Higher home dialysis start rate for African Americans 


Higher pre-emptive transplant waitlist rate for Hispanic Americans

 These outcomes represent improvement over the national average for each metric.

Learn more about how we are driving awareness through innovative research.

Health Equity Matters.

Somatus is strategically focused on and relentlessly pursues health equity. We are committed to driving a more equitable healthcare environment because health equity saves lives.

“Equality is achieved when each person or group of people is given the same resources or opportunities. Equity is achieved when it is recognized that each person or group of people has different circumstances, and resources are allocated accordingly to reach an equal outcome.”

– The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Our Health Equity Pillars

We have established a Health Equity Committee that is responsible for building programs in a manner that is free of prejudiced and unjust practices so that our patients achieve the highest level of healthcare.


We leverage AI-driven technology, machine learning, and predictive technology to provide individualized, whole-person care unique to each patent. Our robust data practices help us surface opportunities to enable better care by providing reliable predictions for patient outcomes while also helping to identify and eliminate healthcare disparities.


Somatus Care Team members work to understand barriers to patients’ health goals and identify social roadblocks to healthy living. Our teams are trained in cultural competence upon hire and annually to include the 15 National CLAS Standards as well as take part in Health Equity learning modules to broaden knowledge, improve quality of services provided, and help decrease health disparities.


Our internal Health Equity efforts include:

  • Embedding DEI across the organization to educate, remove bias, and promote inclusion.
  • Creating an environment that ensures equal access
  • to opportunities for growth, development, and advancement.
  • Leveraging internal DEI committee that promotes teammate inclusion and culture initiatives.

Health Literacy

In addition to clinical measures and social support, our commitment to health equity also involves a focus on health literacy.

All educational and operational materials we produce are done so at appropriate reading and education levels — and are available for translation or interpretation into 300 languages — so that every patient receives the information they need to take an active role in their health.

We Are Stronger Together.

In October 2023, Somatus signed the Health Evolution Forum’s Health Equity Pledge and joined more than 50 healthcare organizations in an ongoing commitment to accelerate health equity.

Learn more about the Health Equity Pledge and how healthcare organizations like Somatus are partnering to make lasting change for every American.