Powerful Technology, Powering Connected Care.

We have built a proprietary, AI-driven technology platform utilizing multiple data sets and patent-pending machine learning technology to drive evidence-based interventions that innovate how care is delivered.

One platform. Everything you need.

Our patent-pending machine learning models enable clinicians to spend more time connecting with their patients. Whether you’re a health plan, provider group, or health system, our AI-driven technology provides analytics and insights that improve performance and patient outcomes. The platform was purposefully designed to break down silos and increase transparency, but its capabilities extend far beyond just that.


Find patients most in need, as fast as possible.

After taking in billions of lines of data to create a complete picture of the patient, our predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms identify patients who are rapidly progressing toward kidney failure or another adverse event. This ensures we reach the people most in need of our help at the right time.


Connect with patients when and where it's best for them.

Our technology pushes AI-informed insights and actions that help all chronic care stakeholders connect with patients. We make it easy to meet patients where they are using our telehealth and virtual care application.


Gain real-time insights to improve performance.

Executive scorecards and reports provide a detailed look into all aspects of your network, including key cost and utilization drivers. Through machine learning capabilities, data can be drilled down and delivered at multiple levels to help insights quickly translate into actions and improved performance.


Take control of your kidney health and performance.

We’ve designed applications for all members of the healthcare community:

  • Patients have access to on-demand education and the ability to connect with their health support team.
  • It’s easy for health plans to understand what’s driving outcomes for their members.
  • Providers get a complete picture of everything happening outside of their practice to help inform treatment decisions.

Let us put the power of our AI-driven platform to work for you.