Kidney Care Program: Member Rights and Responsibilities

It is Somatus’ goal to provide you with the best care. When you join our Kidney Care program, you have specific rights and responsibilities.

You have the right to:

  • Know your rights
  • A written copy of your rights
  • Care that is courteous and respectful of your needs
  • Information about Somatus and contractual relationships
  • The names of your care team staff and their qualifications
  • Know all the details of your care and treatment. This includes:
    • Receiving information in a way that you can understand
    • Your treatment options regardless of health plan coverage
  • Change your care team by:
  • Support from your care team to make decisions with your doctor
  • Say no to care or joining this program
  • See a copy of your medical record
  • Ask Somatus to fix information that is not correct in your medical record
  • Expect that your personal information and medical record will be kept confidential
  • Know who has access to your personal and medical information
  • Know how Somatus protects your personal and medical information
  • Be given privacy for medical and personal care, such as:
    • Exams and care management services
    • Your medical records (unless a release has been authorized by law)
    • Wishes for privacy around your cultural, social, or religious practices
  • Share any complaints or concerns without fear of getting in trouble by:
  • Receive a response to your complaint or concern within 30 calendar days


You have a duty to:

  • Treat your care team members with respect
  • Follow the Somatus plan of care you agree to with your care manager
  • Keep appointments and tell a care team member if you will be late or miss an appointment
  • Tell your care team member everything you know about your health and any changes to your health
  • Tell your care team and doctors if you have a living will and provide documents with your preferences and wishes
  • Ask for more information if you do not understand what you are told
  • Tell your care team if you have any special needs, they should know about
  • Tell your doctor and us if you do not want to be a part of the program