Healthy For The Holidays

Tips for Staying Healthy at Home this Holiday Season

Did you know that emergency room visits often go up during the holidays?

November 7, 2023

At Somatus, we know it can be challenging to stay on top of appointments and follow a kidney-friendly diet during the holiday season, but staying healthy and out of the hospital is more important than ever during this time of year. Studies show that patients admitted to the hospital during the holiday season are roughly 25% more likely to be admitted again within 30 days of discharge. 1

The Somatus health support team has put together some simple tips to keep you healthy at home, while still taking part in the holiday fun!

Tips for Staying Healthy at Home

  • Stay active, don’t smoke, and limit your alcohol intake, especially during the holiday season.

  • Watch your portion size by using smaller plates and eating more slowly to enjoy each bite.

  • Get your flu shot as soon as possible.

  • Trim the fat by taking the skin off turkey and chicken and choosing lower-fat desserts like angel food cake or lemon meringue pie.

  • Choose turkey or other poultry instead of ham and look for fresh meats that don’t have phosphates listed in the ingredients.

  • Take your medications as prescribed and alert your doctor if you are running low.

  • Limit your salt by making your own food from scratch, reducing the amount of salt used in recipes, and using herbs or spices to add flavor.

  • Wash your hands to keep you safe from infections.

  • Connect with your Somatus health support team often to talk through changes to your health or unusual symptoms you may be experiencing.

  • Call our 24/7 Somatus Care Line at (855) 851-8354, ext. 9 if you need nurse advice for non-emergency situations.

What to Do if You Don’t Feel Well

In the event that you do not feel well, you have options to get help. Knowing who to call and where to go is extremely important and can save you money.

If you are not feeling well but the situation is non-urgent, Somatus nurses are available 24/7 to help our members with non-emergency situations at (855) 851-8354, ext. 9. Not a Somatus member? Contact your doctor or health plan for support.

1  Death and readmissions after hospital discharge during the December holiday period: cohort study

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