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Healthy Holiday Appetizers

In need of some kidney-friendly apps to make this holiday season? You’ve landed in the right spot!

December 12, 2023

Kick off the holiday season with Somatus’ latest recipe drop! This month, Somatus’ team of dietitians have crafted some crowd-pleasing appetizers for you, your friends and family, and your kidneys. It’s not always easy to stick to a healthy diet during this time of year, but these recipes will satisfy all the savory and sweet cravings the holidays bring using nutritious, tasty, and seasonal ingredients.

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Holiday Mocktail



  • 2 oz cranberry juice
  • ½ oz lime juice
  • Sparkling water or club soda



  • Fill half of a tumbler glass with ice.
  • Add cranberry juice and lime juice.
  • Stir with a spoon.
  • Top with sparkling water and garnish with fresh cranberries and orange slice.
  • Enjoy!
  • Calories – 19
  • Carbohydrates – 6 g 
  • Protein – 0 g 
  • Total Fat – 0 g 
  • Phosphorus – 10 mg 
  • Potassium – 62 mg 
  • Sodium – 1.6 mg  

Holiday Wreath Fruit Tray with Marshmallow Dip

Servings: 6


  • 2 cups green grapes, removed from the stem
  • 1 cup red grapes, removed from the stem
  • 2 kiwis, peeled and sliced into rounds
  • 1 cup cut strawberries
  • 2-3 whole strawberries
  • ½ cup raspberries
  • Mint leaves and rosemary sprigs for garnish/decorating



  • 7 oz marshmallow creme
  • 8 oz cream cheese, softened
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract


Dip Directions:

  • In a large bowl, blend marshmallow creme, cream cheese, and vanilla extract until creamy, about 2 to 3 minutes. Transfer to small serving bowl.
  • Place the bowl of prepared fruit dip in the
    center of a large, 13-inch circular platter.


Build a Fruit Wreath:

  • Place sprigs of mint and rosemary in a circle around the outside of the platter, pointing the stems towards the dip.
  • Layer the green grapes and sliced kiwi on
    top of the herbs. TIP: Leave some herbs sticking out the sides to resemble “sprigs
    from a wreath.”
  • Continue to layer the remaining fruit on top
    of the green grapes and kiwi. Be creative and let the red grapes, strawberries, and raspberries light up the tray. Serve with dip.
  • Enjoy!
  • Calories –  170
  • Carbohydrates – 31 g
  • Protein – 2 g
  • Total Fat – 5 g
  • Phosphorus – 48 mg
  • Potassium – 289 mg
  • Sodium – 56 mg

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