Kidney-Friendly Tailgating

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Stay healthy while taking part in all the tailgating fun for football season!

Friends, Food, and Football

Cheering on your team with friends while enjoying tasty food is what tailgating is all about. If you are following a kidney diet, don’t worry! You can still join in on the fun without sacrificing your health goals by choosing from a variety of kidney-friendly food options that are both delicious and good for you.

Healthy Swaps

Traditional tailgate foods can be high in sodium (salt), fat, and calories. Here are some healthy alternatives for a kidney-friendly option!

  1. Lean beef and poultry – Instead of grilling up hot dogs, try grilling some fresh lean proteins to cut back on sodium, fat, and cholesterol.
  2. Fresh veggies with yogurt dip – Skip the chips and heavy cream dips for a lower sodium and fat option. Fresh vegetables are higher in fiber — a tasty and filling tailgate snack.
  3. Veggie chili – Cook up some veggie chili instead of traditional beef chili. This is a great way to cut back on fat and cholesterol while getting an extra serving of a vegetable or two! (Scroll down for our Veggie Chili recipe.)
  4. Thin crust veggie pizza – Opt for a thin crust veggie pizza instead of a deep-dish meat lovers pizza. The thinner crust can save you calories and cut back on sodium. Choosing veggies instead of meat toppings is a healthier option for your kidneys!
  5. Fruit salad – Prepare a fresh fruit salad instead of reaching for the brownies and cookie platter. Fruit is naturally lower in calories and fat, making this the ultimate tailgate treat!
  6. Make a “mocktail” – Skip the cocktails and mix up a refreshing non-alcoholic beverage. Try adding your favorite fruit and a splash of juice to seltzer water. This is PERFECT for game-day sippin’.
Kidney-Friendly Winning Recipes

Check out these delicious kidney-friendly recipes when planning or attending your next tailgating event!

Cauliflower Buffalo Dip
Veggie Chili

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